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[mosquitto-dev] version 1.4.1 bridge between broker causes an instance crash

Hello all,
seems that started with the version 1.4 I'm not able to use the bridge between two broker running on the same node:
broker A: without a config file, just default values
broker B: config file:
# Port to use for the default listener.
port 1884
connection MA
address localhost:1883
topic a1/b1 both 2
clientid MyBridgeClient
Same config file works with version 1.3.5.
Compiled the broker version 1.4.1 using VC2010 and got the following error when debugging the bridge connection:
"Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'err' was corrupted."
file "Loop.c" / line 511
broker started normal and was working fine when I continued with debugging.
Maybe this helps to find a bug in version 1.4ff, maybe I did something wrong.
By the way, the broker is incredible fast using only one thread. I've tested the local broker on my hp i5 notebook with 100 local clients and 2.5 millions messages per minute. :-)
Kind regards,

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