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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Advice needed (long, sorry)

Hi Karl,

hehehehe. As I said before, we achieved neas 20.000 simultaneous TLS connections. But only connections. As far as we started sending some messages over each everything started to go wrong. :-) This the reason to request your help!!

I've no problem on sharing the sysctl configuration we used. I'm not at home but this evening I'll look for it and I will put it here. please do not flame me if it is not good. We were doing some proof tuning here, and there... Also, mosquitto is running on a 3-cores, 8 GB RAM VM.


2015-02-12 12:00 GMT+01:00 Karl Palsson <karlp@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Manuel Domínguez Dorado <manolodd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> But Mosquitto...
> We have read some experienced os people using Mosquitto sustaining 100K
> concurrent connection and more. But in our test we have reached ~25K
> concurrent connections at maximum, which is not enough (and operating
> not
> very well, to be realistic).
> Could you give us some advice on how to improve these numbers at least
> to
> be able to reach our 100K users? We don't know, but maybe 20K concurrent
> connections are enough to support 100K users that are not connected at
> the
> same time.

I'm actually curious to hear about how you configured mosquitto and your
servers to get 20k connections at all.  I couldn't get anywhere near
that, and the people who'd claimed to reach 100k on mosquitto here in
the past have never replied to any requests for further information.

Karl Palsson

Manuel Domínguez Dorado
ingeniero ARROBA ManoloDominguez PUNTO com

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