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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto 1.4 and 1.5

Hi Ian,

> I know that you changed the internals to use the event library to make it
> easier to add MQTT-SN support amongst other things.

The internals have been rejigged a fair bit in a way that should make
it easier to move to an event library - but it isn't converted to an
event library yet. Because it would be a hard dependency, the event
library would have to pass eclipse IP reviews which is a harder
barrier to cross. I'm not sure what the plan is there at the moment.

> I have been wondering,
> would this make it easier to allow Mosquitto to use multiple threads, so
> that it could make use of multi-core CPUs?

Changing to an event library should have the advantage of making it
easier to go to multiple threads - I'd definitely had the same thought
as you. There isn't thread support yet, I'd be keen on making it
happen. In my mind threads was probably something that might define a
2.0 release.



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