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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Mosquitto 1.4 and 1.5

Hi Izak,

Thanks for the kind words.

   1. Think handling load is key for the IoT ....if we can get say 250 000 concurrent connections on a single server that would really help - 500 000 would be epic

I see you're being more ambitious with your requests than everybody else :) Being serious, I would be very keen on improving the scalability of course.
   2. Integration with other brokers like Kafka, RabbitMQ for passing MQTT to say AMQP - bridge but more on code level - allowing routing/transformation 

Could you give more of an example of what you mean here please?
   3. Second the idea of offloading message to databases like postgress, mongo, cassandra would very handy

Yes, indeed.
   4. BIG options is router - allowing device to be route to dedicated mosquitto broker - diff to clustering :)...clustering is complex, routing is easy
   5. Rules engine for routing in-comming message
   6. MONITORING options - keeping an eye on load and troughput for tests and support 

They all sound like interesting ideas as well.



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