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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Starting/stopping bridges dynamically

Jos Vos <jos@xxxxxx> wrote:

> For the static configuration: assume a broker runs in a local network
> with
> one subscription to a broker on a remote (cloud) server.  At some moment
> the cloud broker wants to "tap" channels of the local broker (e.g. for
> support reasons or because the remote site is a company HQ etc.).
> The remote site cannot contact the local site (firewall, no VPN), so
> a remote client cannot publish/subscribe directly to the local broker.
> The remote site can "contact" the local site by publishing a message
> to the subscribed channel and in this way request to start the bridge.

I've done this sort of thing, but it doesn't need to start a new bridge.
 (Though that would work too)  You can also just have a "support enabled" flag in your app, and publish there on demand.

This is of course just a sort of manual way of doing the same thing, but
it's definitely workable.  You'd still need the helper app on the remote
side anyway to turn on the bridge on demand.

Karl P

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