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Re: [mosquitto-dev] Starting/stopping bridges dynamically

Hi Jan-Piet,

On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 09:22:01PM +0100, Jan-Piet Mens wrote:

> Can you say why you'd want to see this? I can imagine it being
> interesting but only if we could inject a new/changed bridge
> configuration via similar means. AFAICT, what you're asking for is
> actually the `lazy' bridge which sort of comes up and goes away if
> there's no traffic (though I haven't experimented with those).

First: yes, the new/changed bridged configuration would be my next
question :-), but a static configuration would also help.

For the static configuration: assume a broker runs in a local network with
one subscription to a broker on a remote (cloud) server.  At some moment
the cloud broker wants to "tap" channels of the local broker (e.g. for
support reasons or because the remote site is a company HQ etc.).
The remote site cannot contact the local site (firewall, no VPN), so
a remote client cannot publish/subscribe directly to the local broker.

The remote site can "contact" the local site by publishing a message
to the subscribed channel and in this way request to start the bridge.

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