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[mojarra-dev] Committer Election for Manfred Riem on Eclipse Mojarra has started

A committer election for Manfred Riem on project Eclipse Mojarra
(ee4j.mojarra) was started by Arjan Tijms with this criteria:

Manfred Riem is a java champion and one of the two previous spec leads from
JSF 2.3. Manfred has worked on the Mojarra project for a long time, brining
down the number of bugs, organising the issues, introducing major (spec)
features without much bloat (such as the stateless mode), setting up the
maven based test framework and migrating dozens of existing tests to that,
guiding new committers (among which yours truly), starting the migration of
the build system from ant to maven and leaving detailed instructions that
allowed me to easily finish that migration.

Eclipse Mojarra project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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