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[mojarra-dev] Mojarra transferred!


I'm proud to announce that Mojarra transferred to Eclipse EE4J!


This concerns the master of the Mojarra project at

The final version has been set to

The reasoning is that master was up to date with Mojarra 2.3.3. While the transfer was in progress, a number of commits had been done in the 2.3 rolling branch, from which eventually a 2.3.4 was created. These commits are thus not in master, and hence not carried over to Eclipse.

Master however did got a lot of extra commits, mostly having to do with removing redundant things (old examples, old website pages, some ancient features that were left abandoned since 2006 or so), a number of refactorings (addressing Sonar warnings), and most importantly following Manfred's list for moving the project from Ant to Maven, and when done removing all Ant artefacts.

The first thing to do now is following the Eclipse/Oracle process for making the EE8 protected branch I think. After that I think we'd best update the Eclipse code to be up to date with 2.3.4, and then go for a 2.3.5 release.

Meanwhile we'd also have to make sure all committers have access to GitHub and are fully registered as committers.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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