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[modeling-pmc] Proposing Bernd Kolb as co-lead for M2T project


I would like to propose the Bernd Kolb as co-lead of the Model-to-Text (M2T) project. Bernd has worked hard at getting the XPand language through the foundation's IP process and into M2T.  Looking forward, the team is working on generalizing their infrastructure to support the MOF-Models-to-Text language (MTL). This large and active community and the entire M2T project would benefit from leadership representation that is more closely connected to these efforts.

According the the Eclipse Development Process (4.3 Management -, project leadership changes must be "approved unanimously by the existing Project Leadership elected by the Project's Committers1 and the Board or EMO(ED) (as appropriate for PMC members and Sub-Project Leads respectively) ". It is a little unclear whether this means the PMC or just me. But, irregardless it would be a good idea for the PMC to provide its blessing.

Can we add this to the next Modeling PMC meeting agenda?

Thanks, Paul

Paul Elder
IBM Rational Software
Tel: +1 613-270-4560 (note new number)
E-mail: pelder@xxxxxxxxxx

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