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Re: [modeling-pmc] TMF Components


This is basically what was outlined in the TMF project creation so you
should be fine to get started:

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Hi all,

we'ld like to have two components in TMF (one for Xtext and one for TCS).
These are the descriptions for the components and their initial committers:

TCS is starting with a meta-model. This meta-model has to be annotated by
the user with syntax information. From this information TCS generates an
ANTLR-based grammar. The provided Eclipse-Editor works interpretative.
Furthermore TCS offers model to text generation based on the specified
syntax. People who have existing meta models might want to use this
Frédéric Jouault (project lead), INRIA
Frédéric is the architect and lead of M2M/ATL and of GMT/TCS. He created
these two languages, and tools as part of his Ph.D. thesis. Frédéric is
continuing his research activities on model-to-model transformation, as
well as on textual syntaxes. This notably results in improvements of ATL
and TCS. He is also using these tools for teaching purposes.

As opposed to TCS, with Xtext?s grammar language one can describe the
abstract and concrete syntax at once. Xtext generates an Ecore model (the
meta model or abstract syntax), an ANTLR 3 parser and a DSL-specific
Eclipse-Editor. The generated code runs on a generic framework based on
Eclipse technology. One can declaratively define constaints on the DSL
which will be checked in the parser and in the editor. Xtext provides a low
learning curve as well as fast turn-arounds.

Sven Efftinge (project lead), itemis AG
Sven is the author of the Xtext framework as well as the M2T language
Xpand2 and the Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE). At itemis he is responsible
for further development of MDSD-related tooling based on Eclipse and leads
a team of full-time committers in Kiel.
Bernd Kolb, kolbw@re
Bernd Kolb focuses on model-driven software development and eclipse
technologies. As a consultant he has worked in different domains from
tooling for automotive embedded systems to enterprise Java applications. He
is a regular speaker at conferences and has written a number of articles as
well as co-authored a book.

Any objections?


Sven Efftinge

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