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Re: [mmt-dev] QVTo code reviews

Hi Ed,
Thank you very much for the dealing with Git and especially with Buckminster!  Migration of build config is really painful task, at least for me as I'm quite unfamiliar with Buckminster.

As for incrementing version of all plug-ins - generally it's not common operation in the absence of actual source changes. However I believe most dependencies used [3.x, 4.0) range and such changes are quite seamless for most consumers.

I'm going to start giving more time for the project than I did till now. I follow your intention of cleaning QVTo sources and I can do either a) or b) and review changes for another.
Maintenance 3.2 build is good suggestion. So we need 3.2 branch (and possibly separate build config on Hudson, right?).

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 8:14 PM, Ed Willink <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Sergey

The QVTo build seems ready to go. A 3.3 I-build is already contributed to the aggregator. A 3.3 S-build is successfuil against platform and EMF milestones. Should be ready to go as soon as OCL S-build is promoted. [I bumped all the plugin number to guarantee new versions and avoid hazards whereby very few if any '3.2' changes caused a change to 3.2.]

What is your availability for participating in the QVTo project?

I'd like to at do a couple of tidy-ups.

a) Get rid of 500 compiler warning messages.

A quick play at inserting missing generics suggested that there were API risks if intuitively tight parameters were used and mandatory EcoreEnvironment was propgated back through callers, so I think that the safe solution is just class-level @SuppressWarnings.

b) Get rid of the duplicate library warning messages now that some QVTo operation are in OCL.

Will you be in a position to review these or should I just go ahead? The duplicate warnings could usefully go in the maintenance build which might provide the missing 3.2 R-build.


        Ed Willink
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