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[mmt-dev] QVTo code reviews

Hi Sergey

The QVTo build seems ready to go. A 3.3 I-build is already contributed to the aggregator. A 3.3 S-build is successfuil against platform and EMF milestones. Should be ready to go as soon as OCL S-build is promoted. [I bumped all the plugin number to guarantee new versions and avoid hazards whereby very few if any '3.2' changes caused a change to 3.2.]

What is your availability for participating in the QVTo project?

I'd like to at do a couple of tidy-ups.

a) Get rid of 500 compiler warning messages.

A quick play at inserting missing generics suggested that there were API risks if intuitively tight parameters were used and mandatory EcoreEnvironment was propgated back through callers, so I think that the safe solution is just class-level @SuppressWarnings.

b) Get rid of the duplicate library warning messages now that some QVTo operation are in OCL.

Will you be in a position to review these or should I just go ahead? The duplicate warnings could usefully go in the maintenance build which might provide the missing 3.2 R-build.


        Ed Willink

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