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Re: [mmt-dev] QVTo downloads cleanup

Hi Sergey

Comments below.

    Regards Ed

On 07/06/2012 22:04, Sergey Boyko wrote:
Hi Ed,

Thank you very much for the job you've done!  Now I believe we almost done with M2M -> MMT renaming for QVTo project..
There are still some CVS links to do for plans and descriptions. But certainly not much left. Maybe still some Wiki pages.

I have updated about four Portal entries, so QVTo now consistently uses downloads/mmt/qvto, which now looks plausible, but:

3.1.1M4 is, I think, really 3.2.0M4 and so can just deleted as obsolete compared to RC1 and RC3.

You're right. It was my flaw.
Deleted, and once 3.1.1 goes it is clear 3.1.0 should be unarchived. Done.

3.0.1 has a maintenance build a little after 3.0.1. This is confusing to me and other users. Is it 3.0.1a? Is it a practice? Is it superseded by 3.1.0? Anyway it appears on the download page to allow the user to make a difficult decision.

Latest build (that is M201009301515) should be kept.
Next year when we archive it the solution for 2.0.1 can be copied.

2.0.1 similarly has a maintenance build a little after 2.0.1. The archive display script is not keen on two 2.0.1 entries, so it's not visible. What needs to be done here?

Here again I think that the latest build should be kept.
I managed to use an array in extras-qvto.php so that the later M-build appears as "2.0.1a".

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