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Re: [mmt-dev] Changes for M2M to MMT transition

Hi William

There are two web-pages.

From the auto-generated web-page (with the pie charts in) selecting Website should already do what you want.

From the MMT web-page (long, short texts per project), you can use About This Project to go to the above.

I provided default content for


from text on your website.

Feel free to adjust the above, possibly by using a redirection to /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/atl/... so that they're more obviously under your control. Just keep project-page-paragraph short and overview reasonable in context with other MMT, MDT, ... projects.

If you don't have access, just send me replacement files. We can sort out access when we sort out committer roles.



On 21/05/2012 13:55, William Piers wrote:
Hi Ed,

About the mmt homepage, I just have one request: could it be some link to the ATL homepage ( at some place ? For instance it could be in the description which is displayed when clicking on the "More..." link.

About the download, I just did the Juno RC1 one :-/ so I will make the change to mmt asap but more likely for RC2.

Best regards,


Le 19/05/2012 16:51, Ed Willink a écrit :

I've now got the requisite write access for MMT CVS and set up the web pages adopting some additional technology from MDT. I think that and are now largely correct. Please report issues.


I've eliminated the overview statement that the project provides a framework for MMT in favour of a simple starement that the EMF infrastructure is used. It would be nice to provide a common API for transformation invocation with models and meta-models, but we seem to survive without it. If anyone has time, see if your favourite code can be generalised to suit all transformation engines.


I'm trying to rationalize various qvtd/qvto spellings as qvtd/qvto.


Symbolic links do not work for the downloads area, so I've copied ATL and QVTo downloads across. Please adjust your releng builds to promote to mmt/xxx/downloads/.../m2m-xxx... rather than modeling/m2m/xxx/downloads/.../mmt-xxx... and either delete your old m2m download trees or make them symbolic links to mmt.

The download script accommodates renaming so it is not necessary to rename e.g. to; just use mmt from Juno RC1 onward.


There are a variety of metadata entries that need redirecting from modeling/m2m to mmt. I don't have acess to these, so unless you care to nominate me as a releng committer for your projects, I will need to keep prompting you to make improvements that I can make quicker than I can communicate.


Again many entries may need redirecting. For instance the infrastructure expects an MMT-ATL-FAQ page, so ATL should create or redirect this page.

[If you want to develop out the PHP pages, I can recommend Zend Server Community Edition ("">) to get a server running. Checkout selections of /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www to e.g. C:\Program Files\Zend\Apache2\htdocs and use the Eclipse PDT editor. I was making useful progress within about an hour despite minimal PHP/server background.]


        Ed Willink

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