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[mmt-dev] Changes for M2M to MMT transition


I've now got the requisite write access for MMT CVS and set up the web pages adopting some additional technology from MDT. I think that and are now largely correct. Please report issues.


I've eliminated the overview statement that the project provides a framework for MMT in favour of a simple starement that the EMF infrastructure is used. It would be nice to provide a common API for transformation invocation with models and meta-models, but we seem to survive without it. If anyone has time, see if your favourite code can be generalised to suit all transformation engines.


I'm trying to rationalize various qvtd/qvto spellings as qvtd/qvto.


Symbolic links do not work for the downloads area, so I've copied ATL and QVTo downloads across. Please adjust your releng builds to promote to mmt/xxx/downloads/.../m2m-xxx... rather than modeling/m2m/xxx/downloads/.../mmt-xxx... and either delete your old m2m download trees or make them symbolic links to mmt.

The download script accommodates renaming so it is not necessary to rename e.g. to; just use mmt from Juno RC1 onward.


There are a variety of metadata entries that need redirecting from modeling/m2m to mmt. I don't have acess to these, so unless you care to nominate me as a releng committer for your projects, I will need to keep prompting you to make improvements that I can make quicker than I can communicate.


Again many entries may need redirecting. For instance the infrastructure expects an MMT-ATL-FAQ page, so ATL should create or redirect this page.

[If you want to develop out the PHP pages, I can recommend Zend Server Community Edition ( to get a server running. Checkout selections of /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www to e.g. C:\Program Files\Zend\Apache2\htdocs and use the Eclipse PDT editor. I was making useful progress within about an hour despite minimal PHP/server background.]


        Ed Willink

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