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Re: [microprofile-wg] [BALLOT]: November 30th Steering Committee Minutes Approval. Request vote by December 9th

The minutes say "Budget as presented" but there is no record in the minutes to the budget we approved.

Can we ensure the approved budget is public and linked in the minutes?

David Blevins

On Dec 1, 2021, at 11:01 AM, John Clingan <jclingan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Meeting minutes pasted below. Meeting minutes PDF attached. Source minutes available here.

Minutes updates:
1) Added link to meeting recording

MicroProfile Steering Committee Meeting - November 30th, 2021

  1. DO NOT EDIT AGENDA. This is the responsibility of the meeting moderator with input from the steering committee and community. Agenda items should be discussed in the mailing list/forum or in prior Steering Committee meetings first.
  2. Prefer comments occur in mailing lists/forums.
  3. Document editing is enabled for community to add themselves to list of community contributors during call

Tweeted pic here, recording here, meeting minutes folder here

Meeting Attendees
Steering Committee
(Quorum = 6)
(Name, organization)
Atlanta JUG - Summers Pittman, Vincent Mayers
Fujitsu - Kenji Kazamura
IBM - Kevin Sutter, Emily Jiang
iJUG - Jan Westerkamp, Heiko Rupp
Jelastic - Ruslan Synytsky, Tetiana Fydorenchyk
Garden State JUG - Chandra Guntur, Michael Redlich, Barry Burd
Oracle - Ed Bratt, Dmitry Kornilov
Payara - Rudy De Busscher
Red Hat - John Clingan, Roberto Cortez
Tomitribe - David Blevins, Amelia Eiras
Committer Member: Edwin Derks

Eclipse Foundation
Paul Buck 
Sharon Corbett
Paul White
Ivar Grimstad
Tanja Obradovic

  • Emerson Castaneda (Consultant/Freelancer)
  • Martin Stefanko (Red Hat)

Agenda Item
Past meeting minutes approval
Business since last Steering Committee Meeting
Updated MicroProfile Steering Committee Membership Fee Table approved.
Replace MicroProfile Compatibility Logo with compatible implementations web page approved.
Result Ballot for MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 4.0 approved.
Result Ballot for MicroProfile Metrics 4.0 approved.
Result Ballot for MicroProfile Config 3.0 approved.
Result Ballot for MicroProfile Health 4.0 approved.
Result Ballot for Context Propagation 1.3 approved.
Ballot results for the July 13th Steering Committee Minutes Approval approved.

Current Items
Kevin Sutter Retirement

MicroProfile 2022 Budget
  • MicroProfile Budget forecast; input for Eclipse Foundation
    Eclipse Foundation Budget link.

  • Paul committed to address the outstanding $2200 infrastructure costs
  • RESOLVED, the Steering Committee approves the MicroProfile 2022 Budget as presented.
    • Kevin proposed, Jan seconded
  • Ballot passes
    • Atlanta JUG - 
    • Fujitsu - 
    • IBM - +1
    • iJUG - +1
    • Jelastic - 
    • Garden State JUG - 
    • Oracle - +1
    • Payara - +1
    • Red Hat - +1
    • Tomitribe - 0
    • Committer Member - +1

MicroProfile 5.0 Status

  • Please vote for outstanding MicroProfile 5-related ballots

Next Steering Committee call
Parking Lot

<MicroProfile Steering Committee Meeting - November 30th 2021.pdf>
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