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Re: [microprofile-wg] [microprofile-steering] Announcement


Congratulations to YOU!   I wish you a fantastic time focusing on your well-being wholeheartedly. 🔋🤗💜

You have been incredibly awesome under each situation we puddled through. No gloumuring nonsense. 

Every time you said "wait a minute" with that awesome positive tone of yours, it was like a wise-stop on the shoulder to enable many of us to think a bit more carefully about stuff 💪

Thank you for always thinking the very best of people, for expecting the best of everyone around you.

I appreciate you, like you, trust you and respect you. See you with good health, as a snuggly 🐻  civilian, in 2022 & onwards!

On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 12:29 PM David Blevins <dblevins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's be absolutely wonderful working with you in different capacities over the last 15 years; IBM, Apache, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE.  You've been consistently a pragmatic and reasonable person focused on keeping it positive and finding middle ground, which is has been an incredible asset to all we've built.  You will definitely be missed and of course If I had my say, we'd get to keep you another 10 years :)

It's been an honor co-founding MicroProfile with you, John and others and seeing the impact it's had on the industry over the last 5 years.  You've been at the table since it was a nameless "maybe we should do something" and have remained an extremely critical part of every phase of growth since then.  Things will not be the same without you and you will absolutely be missed.  You should be proud of the major impact you've had on the industry and I can say whole heartedly it's been an honor working with you.

On Nov 18, 2021, at 7:02 AM, Kevin Sutter <sutter@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've been trying to find the right time to bring this up during one of our recent meetings, but the conversations have been quite good and I've had a couple of recent conflicts that prevented my participation.  And, now with vacations and holidays affecting the meetings left in the year, I'm just going to use the old fashioned email...

I am retiring from IBM on Dec 31, 2021.  With my part-time schedule and left-over vacation, my last official IBM duty will be JakartaOne on Dec 7.

I know I have worked with many of you for many years, but here's a quick summary of my IBM career from the note that announced my retirement at IBM...

After serving in numerous capacities for the last 33 years and being an integral part of out team for many of those, Kevin decided to turn in his badge and start a new chapter, spending more time with his family and pursuing personal interests. His last day at IBM will be December 31st. Kevin's wealth of knowledge, dedication and hard work have greatly benefited the Java community and his contributions will always be valued and carried forward into our portfolio. It is difficult to sum up Kevin's achievements and impact over the 33 years of dedicated service.

Kevin started with IBM Rochester in 1988 in the PC Support area (device emulation) for the System/36 and AS/400 (iSeries).  After a couple of years of getting acquainted with the "blue" way of doing things, Kevin shifted to the AS/400 Print organization, where he received his first patent.  Eventually, the "7 year itch" caught up with Kevin and he considered leaving IBM.  After much deliberation, he decided to stay with IBM (great decision, btw) -- but, he decided to try a whole new path and moved into the object modeling area (SOM/DSOM).  This eventually landed Kevin a position with the Component Broker (C++ Application Server) Bringup lab, which almost killed him (smile).  So many stories, so little space.  After that experience, Kevin ventured into the Java Enterprise programming models with JCA (J2EE Connector Architecture), DataGrid (Extreme Scale), JPA (Java Persistence API), and even EJB (Enterprise Java Beans).  This foundational experience led to Kevin's Java EE architecture role, his assistance with initiating the MicroProfile project, and eventually the many roles associated with the Jakarta EE working group and projects.  That is Kevin's 33 year career in a single paragraph.  Watch for a slightly longer version in an upcoming blog.  Kevin be reached via his personal email,
Signal, Slack, LinkedIn, or Twitter, at least for now...  :-)

Since my blog contained some stories about internal IBM projects, I can't share that with this wider team. :-)

Anyway, I wanted to Thank all of you for your support and guidance over the years.  I've learned a great deal through this MicroProfile experience.  Not sure that it will apply to my post-IBM activities (smile), but it was still a great learning experience!

I will continue to participate on the various MicroProfile committees and calls until the week of Dec 6 (I am out all of Thanksgiving week).  Although my official last day is not until Dec 31, I plan to be very quiet between Dec 7 and the 31st...  Thanks again!

FYI, with my retirement, Emily will move into the Primary rep role for IBM.  And, Nathan Rauh will be taking on the Alternate role.  I'm sure MicroProfile will be in good hands going forward!  Thanks again!

Kevin Sutter
STSM, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile architect @ IBM
e-mail:  sutter@xxxxxxxxxx     Twitter:  @kwsutter
phone: tl-553-3620 (office), 507-253-3620 (office)    

Part-time schedule: Tue, Wed, Thu (off on Mon and Fri)

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