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Re: [microprofile-wg] [BALLOT] Updated MicroProfile Steering Committee Membership Fee Table. VOTE by Friday, November 12th

-1 (iJUG)

Some notes on this topic:

It is very easily to reduce the fee, while hard to bring it up (again) - this might result in loosing some members!

While still discussing the Program Plan (what to do) reducing the revenues upfront generates a significant budget constraint (we have not discussed the budget yet). So on my opinion it's the wrong time to vote now (see also this thread: )!

Adjusting the fees from time to time to the needs itself is more than valid - no one would like to pay fees, that could not be spend in the WGs activities in a useful manner, aka wasting money. But this need to be done carefully.

iJUG belongs to the lowest category of the so called Corporate Members - in fact iJUG is not a regular business corporation, it is a community organisation.
The worth we bring into the project is the time and content our members bring into the Working Group, not mainly the 1500 $/a. But believe it or not, in an organisation representing 43 JUGs it is hard to fight for even that budget on top of the EF membership fees, especially because MPWG is the only one of our WGs, where you have to pay extra for organisations like us!

Another problem for us is, that we have to spend the money in a different currency than the EF membership fees, resulting in a moving target for the budget, generating additional internal discussions. When lowering the fees in combination with changing the currency, this might be a chance not raising up the total payment with the mentioned problems above - when all categories affected from the change of course.

Following the current Program Plan draft, supporting and attracting the community is a goal, why not create a new free membership category (like in Jakarta EE or Adoptium)? As mentioned by Paul this could solve other problems too (regarding Compatibility Program).

As mentioned in the other thread already, valid and important topics like this should be discussed in a Steering Committee meeting too, so all implications of the decision could be discussed properly, before they are done.

Best, Jan

Am 05.11.21 um 21:44 schrieb John Clingan:
Background thread here.


RESOLVED, the Steering Committee approves that the MicroProfile working group fees as stated in the MicroProfile Charter are amended, effective January 1, 2022, to be as illustrated in the table below, and asks the Eclipse Foundation to take the necessary steps to update the charter accordingly.

Corporate Revenue
Annual Fees
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $1 billion
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $100 million but less than or equal to $1 billion
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $10 million but less than or equal to $100 million
Annual Corporate Revenues less than or equal to $10 million
Annual Corporate Revenues less than $1 million and < 10 employees

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