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Re: [microprofile-wg] [BALLOT] Replace MicroProfile Compatibility Logo with compatible implementations web page. VOTE by Friday, November 12th

-1 (iJUG)

According to the current 2022 Program Plan draft strengthen the MicroProfile brand is a goal and a MicroProfile Compatibility Logo could support that.

We are a community organisation representing users, which could be divided into two personas:

- developers
- decision makers

This topic looks like a vendors decision only, to help promote compatible implementation. But on the other side at least the decision makers could benefit from the badge "on the Box" to choose an implementation.

Of course, a Compatibility Program only works with a legal frame around it that prevents abuse and so damaging the brand - this is not for free and the EF could manage that on behalf of the MPWG.

We could start implementing this with the TCK list only, following the original plan to do it like in Jakarta EE on the umbrella spec level, or even enhance it to the component spec level (and giving Jakarta EE a template back).

While this ballot is done in combination with the ballot of reducing the membership fees there is a high potential not having the budget to keep the program. Is everybody aware of this fact?

Suggestion: Can we handle such valid and important topics with such (hidden) links in a Steering Committee meeting (and on it's agenda with the necessary time to discuss it)?

Best, Jan

Am 05.11.21 um 19:59 schrieb John Clingan:
Background discussion is available here and here. Compatible implementations will be required to pass the TCK. This ballot applies to all MicroProfile specifications.

RESOLVED, the Steering Committee confirms that the MicroProfile working group will operate without a MicroProfile compatibility program and will not develop and utilize a Compatibility logo for use by compatible implementations of MicroProfile, and instead will allow any implementation that can make bonafide claims of compatibility in accordance with the Eclipse Foundation Specification Process to be listed and linked to as a compatible implementation on its webpage.

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