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Re: [microprofile-wg] [External] : 2022 MicroProfile Program Plan feedback

Grr. mis-matched e-mail addresses. I'm trying to bring these threads together and not doing a good job of it. 2nd attempt.

(For the benefit of the microprofile-wg@xxxxxxxxxxx, comments are due today, not at the end of the month.)

A general comment:
There are several web-site recommendations in our plan. These all look great to me. One of them indicates a conversion to GitHub pages. It's my understanding that some or all of the MicroProfile website is hosted and funded through the generosity of Tomitribe (and please correct me if that's wrong). I totally appreciate their support in this regard and thank them profusely for their generosity and support of this working group.

Should we formally consider including a goal for moving MicroProfile to a cost-neutral hosting location? GitHub pages seem eminently capable to me but I'm not a web-site developer. I'm just wondering if we should try to help distribute this cost more equitably and include a specific goal to move the hosting location -- if we can find a suitable alternative.

On 10/26/2021 3:27 PM, John Clingan wrote:
The 2022 MicroProfile Program Plan draft is available for broader feedback review. Feel free to take a look feel free to recommend updates and additions by Friday, November 30th.

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