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Re: [microprofile-wg] Proposal: Adjusting 2022 Budget

On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 4:36 PM David Blevins <dblevins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd like to propose we consider reducing the overall MicroProfile budget to something around 50k/year.  Here is a fee structure that could get us there with current membership.

Corporate Revenue Fees 2021Fees 2022
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $1 billion$25,000.00$10,000.00
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $100 million but less than or equal to $1 billion$20,000.00$8,000.00
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $10 million but less than or equal to $100 million$15,000.00$6,000.00
Annual Corporate Revenues less than or equal to $10 million$5,000.00$4,000.00
Annual Corporate Revenues less than $1 million and < 10 employees$1,500.00$1,500.00
Total budget with all current members$119,500.00$56,500.00

There are a handful of motivations:

 - We've operated successfully for 5 years without budget
 - We have a 36k surplus we don't know what to do with and 2 months to spend it
 - The budget is a continuous source of conflict.  I sense we'd be overall happier with a more traditional open source "what we need is contributed" style
 - $110k of our 2021 came from Jakarta EE, which is looking at a $250k reduction in 2022 budget; $360k if $110k is again shifted away towards MicroProfile
 - We'll unlikely need or use an 80k to 90k surplus in 2022, this could go to Jakarta EE instead
 - Even at a reduced budget of 56k for MicroProfile 2022 there'll still be $30k available after G&A and Ops costs
 - Any needs above and beyond can be donated or contributed as-needed as has been the case over the last 5 years

We have our own reasons for there to be a lower budget; we don't use what we have and it generates conflict.  Given that and the reduced budget for Jakarta EE, there is an opportunity for a win-win if we get this done quickly while Jakarta EE budget discussions are still open.


+1 and well said.

If people like this, we'd likely need to get this voted in the next two weeks.

David Blevins

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