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Re: [microprofile-wg] Proposal: Adjusting 2022 Budget

That is an interesting proposal, and still might be on the generous side in terms of total budget. For example,
the charter actually has a no fee table, but has a clause saying:
additionally, each member has to provide annual participation services to the WG, measured in manpower units / money:
  • Driver Member: 90 manpower units / year + $ 5000 / year
  • All other Member Classes (except Guest Member): 10 manpower units / year
There are 5 driver members, so their budget could be as low as $25k:

The 'manpower' units are as they are not described, but I can't imagine it would be anything other than person-hours.
I would say that could be a good model for MP; 4 drivers at 5k + X person-hours at the top tier, and scale it down as desired.

On Nov 1, 2021 at 2:36:31 PM, David Blevins <dblevins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd like to propose we consider reducing the overall MicroProfile budget to something around 50k/year.  Here is a fee structure that could get us there with current membership.

Corporate Revenue Fees 2021Fees 2022
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $1 billion$25,000.00$10,000.00
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $100 million but less than or equal to $1 billion$20,000.00$8,000.00
Annual Corporate Revenues greater than $10 million but less than or equal to $100 million$15,000.00$6,000.00
Annual Corporate Revenues less than or equal to $10 million$5,000.00$4,000.00
Annual Corporate Revenues less than $1 million and < 10 employees$1,500.00$1,500.00
Total budget with all current members$119,500.00$56,500.00

There are a handful of motivations:

 - We've operated successfully for 5 years without budget
 - We have a 36k surplus we don't know what to do with and 2 months to spend it
 - The budget is a continuous source of conflict.  I sense we'd be overall happier with a more traditional open source "what we need is contributed" style
 - $110k of our 2021 came from Jakarta EE, which is looking at a $250k reduction in 2022 budget; $360k if $110k is again shifted away towards MicroProfile
 - We'll unlikely need or use an 80k to 90k surplus in 2022, this could go to Jakarta EE instead
 - Even at a reduced budget of 56k for MicroProfile 2022 there'll still be $30k available after G&A and Ops costs
 - Any needs above and beyond can be donated or contributed as-needed as has been the case over the last 5 years

We have our own reasons for there to be a lower budget; we don't use what we have and it generates conflict.  Given that and the reduced budget for Jakarta EE, there is an opportunity for a win-win if we get this done quickly while Jakarta EE budget discussions are still open.


If people like this, we'd likely need to get this voted in the next two weeks.

David Blevins

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