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Re: [] Can MDT/OCL make MDT/UML2-Tools useable on Helios?


In its actual state in the repository the U2T should not have any dependencies to outdated components in general and to emf.ocl in particular.
It had been regenerated with the release version of the GMP-tooling and has remarkable number of fixes and improvements from the 0.9.0 release.
It also had been locally tested against the Helios and _should be_ compiliable and installable over the Helios modeling package.

It's a pity, because I don't have basically any idea on how to make a build either at or from somewhere else.
I have to admit that building always had been a real trouble for me, so that's very probable that I am (for a couple of months at least) struggling with something really simple.

Ed, do you think someone from OCL team (may be the one who was responsible for your builds) can take a look at the U2T build? 
I would appreciate any help, and really hope that it should not take much time/efforts.


On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 2:30 AM, Alexander Igdalov <alexander.igdalov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Ed, Kenn,

I hope the situation with UML2Tools is not that dramatic. I think we should start with asking Michael whether the problem can be fixed on their side.

- Alex.

On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 5:43 PM, Ed Willink <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Kenn

UML2-Tools fell off the Helios train, and Papyrus is not yet ready to replace it.

Users therefore need to run the Galileo release on Helios, but the Galileo release has a spurious dependency on org.eclipse.emf.ocl 1.x that was deprecated and so removed from Helios. Installation fails. provides a workaround.

Since UML2-Tools is unlikely to rebuild, it would be nice to include the workaround in MDT/OCL 3.0.1, but any compatibility org.eclipse.emf.ocl should be 3.x so UML2-Tools installation would still be broken.

Is it permissible to have beyond end of life 'compatibility' releases that totally break API contracts thereby allowing the org.eclipse.emf.ocl 1.4.300 workaround in MDT/OCL 3.0.1?


       Ed Willink
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