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[] Can MDT/OCL make MDT/UML2-Tools useable on Helios?

Hi Kenn

UML2-Tools fell off the Helios train, and Papyrus is not yet ready to replace it.

Users therefore need to run the Galileo release on Helios, but the Galileo release has a spurious dependency on org.eclipse.emf.ocl 1.x that was deprecated and so removed from Helios. Installation fails. provides a workaround.

Since UML2-Tools is unlikely to rebuild, it would be nice to include the workaround in MDT/OCL 3.0.1, but any compatibility org.eclipse.emf.ocl should be 3.x so UML2-Tools installation would still be broken.

Is it permissible to have beyond end of life 'compatibility' releases that totally break API contracts thereby allowing the org.eclipse.emf.ocl 1.4.300 workaround in MDT/OCL 3.0.1?


        Ed Willink

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