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[] Have you done anything noteworthy lately?



As M5 draws to a close (let’s hope it only happens once), I thought I’d send out another project update.


Our team is growing! We’ve recently added three new committers (Yves Yang, Dave Carlson, and Nick Dowler) in conjunction with the BPMN2 and IMM components, which have now been provisioned (see the MDT home page for details). Welcome Yves, Dave, and Nick! Dave is also working on a proposal for a new SBVR component (see and I’ve been in discussions with at least one other party about another new component – stay tuned!


Component owners, please take the time to update the MDT 1.1 New and Noteworthy page ( for your component. So far, information is only available for OCL (thanks, Christian!); I’d like to think that OCL is not the only component that has made interesting changes so far this release. Also, don’t forget to let me know about anything you want highlighted about your component as part of my short talk at EclipseCon 2008.




Kenn Hussey
Program Manager, EA/Studio

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