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[] Reminder: It's Ganymede M5 release week!


For those of you who have committed to the Ganymede +1 band, today's
the day. For those in +2, it's next Monday [0] but the sooner you can
get your bits done the better. As the schedule winds down, the gap
between +0 and +3 gets ever shorter, so it's good practice to try to
get your bits published [1] within 24hrs of all your requirements
being available, if possible.


When setting an alias for your Stable build, please be sure you've
read this so that you're consistent with others and your release notes
are complete:


FYI, automatically moving your bugs from RESOLVED:FIXED to
VERIFIED:FIXED with a comment about which build/branch/version
included the fix is now available. Details here [3].


Happy M5'ing!


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