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Re: [] conformsTo and interfaces


Not quite sure what you mean by a OMG UML 2.5 issue. Looked on the OMG site but found no place for bugs.

Anyhow, raised

As an aside, I came across this issue while trying to implement a property subsetting a derived union property defined on an interface.


On 10/01/2014 10:45, Ed Willink wrote:

In UML we a have the structural type definition concept of generalization.

For execution (in OCL) we have the type reference compatibility concept of conformance. i.e. B can be used in a context expecting A, if B conforms to A.

The relationship between these concepts is not clearly defined. With the OCL pivot model I am working to align the two concepts so that when a UML meta-model is loaded as a pivot model the necessary conversions from a generalization hierarchy to a conformance hierarchy are made in the loaded pivot meta-model. e.g. all root user classes conformTo OclElement that conformsTo OclAny. conformsTo is then modeled rather than computed.

The OCL execution concept is confusingly specified by the UML conformsTo method.

Looking at UML 2.5, which is much easier to study, Classifier::conformsTo correctly looks at generals only. The issue is whether a BehavioredClassifier::conformsTo overload should extend the conformance to realized interfaces. This is the kind of problem we are only just starting to encounter as we get close to being able to animate the UML specification. Please raise an OMG UML 2.5 issue.


        Ed Willink

On 09/01/2014 17:35, Pieter Martin wrote:

I noticed that the ClassifierImpl.conformsTo only check generals and not for realized interfaces.

from the ocl spec it says "Classes conform to superclasses and interfaces that they realize."

Is this a bug?


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