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[] UML 2.5 plan


Do you/we have any detailed plans for UML 2.5 in Luna ? I've seen encouraging responses to a variety of Bugzillas but no pressure on me for action.

I'm still working hard at OCL to Java CG, but making much slower progress than I'd hoped.

At present I'm very close to having the CG compilation error free within GenModel after reconstructing the 'UML' from its Ecore. However for pure OCL the code is quite bloated. Some CG options promising that all property accesses are valid and that int may be used as OCL Integer can help, but there will be the problem of a dependency on the OCL runtime library.

Realistically I don't think I can get automatically generated Java to a state that will be acceptable to the Eclipse UML project for M6.

And since the UML 2.5 OCL has never been executed, we must expect a certain amount of debugging pain, particularly on the many new Interactions constraints.

One possible option might be to recognize that UML 2.5 is so similar to UML 2.4.1 that the existing manually compiled 'OCL' can be re-used almost as is for Eclipse 5.0 allowing the code generated OCL to be perhaps selectively dropped in for 5.1. This will give a much longer time to resolve conflicts between the manual coded validation and the specified validation.


        Ed Willink

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