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[] UML 2.6 support


In order to work with the SysML2 models, I need Eclipse to be aware of the UML 2.6 nsURIs, but there is little likelihood of the UML2 project being funded to provide comprehensive UML 2.6 support.

In the run up to UML 2.5, I created org.eclipse.ocl.examples.uml25 to define the registrations and models to allow UML 2.5 evaluation to proceed.

I can probably create a similar org.eclipse.ocl.examples.uml26 to map known post UML 2.5 URIs to UML 2.5 allowing the 99% of applications that do not rely on the changed semantics to work fine, in particular allowing models to load and the embedded OCL to be analyzed.

Since use of UML 2.6 is a problem for Papyrus too, it might make more sense for a UML 2.6 workaround to be part of Papyrus rather than OCL. (I assume that it cannot be part of the UML2 project since that project will rightly aspire to maintain its high quality support rather than introduce workaround bodges.)

Any opinions?


        Ed Willink

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