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[] SysML2 IPzilla


I am about to start putting the SysML2 models through the latest Eclipse OCL tooling that has functionality that can detect crash hazards statically. As such I would like to include SysML2 models as part of the OCL JUnit test suite. This requires an IPzilla.

Since OCL is only a secondary consumer it would make more sense if Papyrus raises the IPzilla and OCL piggybacks.

Could you please raise the IPzilla for all current (2.0beta) and upcoming 2.0 artefacts. NB please include all PDFs so that paragraphs can be copied to comments / ...

Eclipse IP may be slightly reluctant to authorize artefacts that do not yet exist, but hopefully they may remember the UML 2.5 experience whereby IIRC Andrew Watson was brought in to tell them not to be so stupid. OMG is keen to facilitate acknowledged usage by legitimate third parties; the copyrights are just a legal necessity, not a weapon that threatens Eclipse.


        Ed Willink

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