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[] Strange issue in Papyrus OCL integration (template signature).


has anyone already seen the following problem with OCL (in a current Papyrus, but probably since quite a while):

An expression like "self.weight < 5" works fine for a constraint owned by a class (context) having the integer attribute weight.

But as soon as I apply any MARTE profile, the xtext editor for OCL shows multiple errors. I figured out that the problem occurs, as soon as an element in your model or in an (indirect) import has a template signature with a classifier template parameter of meta-class type "DataType" (strangely, there is no problem if the template parameter is of meta-class type "Class"). In case of applying a MARTE profile, the problem is caused by the Array and Interval data types (in the MARTE_DataTypes package that is part of the MARTE library) having a DataType template parameter.

Any ideas how to fix or work around?


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