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[] New upcoming version of GMF Notation with metamodel change


This is just to inform you that I plan to release a new version of GMF Notation & Runtime 1.13.0 around mi-april [1]. Beside moving to EPL 2.0, it includes two changes that I think you should be aware of:

* Both GMF Notation & Runtime now explicitly require Java 8. In practice this should not change anything as it was only built and tested against Eclipse versions which themselves require Java 8.

* A new type of "Jump Link" called "Tunnel" has been added, which can produce more readable and less "visually noisy" diagrams. See the image attached in [2]. Important: this addition of a new Jump Link type, which are implemented as a enum in the GMF Notation metamodel, required a backward incompatible change. The nsURI for the GMF Notation metamodel has been changed to (from 1.0.2 before). GMF 1.13 can load models from earlier versions, but the converse is not true.

This version will be used by the next Sirius release, and will probably be contributed to Eclipse 2020-06.

Pierre-Charles David



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