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[] Photon M6


Papyrus’ contribution seems to have been aggregated successfully. The gerrits are already re-enabled and you can get the new version of Photon from the Papyrus update site [1] or as a zip archive [2]. This contribution should also be available through the oxygen staging site at the end of the week under the modelling category.

This milestone is also accompanied by a bunch of new features under the Toolsmiths category, which now has its own update site [3] , so as to ease the dependency issues and provide the community with some of our in-house debugging tools for each future releases.

The nightly update [4] site is referencing both the latest Main and Toolsmith jobs but you can always filter it further by adding ‘/main’ or ‘/toolsmiths’ to get what you want.

The merges on the maintenance branch should still wait tomorrow in case something goes wrong.


Cheers and thanks to all the contributors,








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