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[] Shape customization using SVG

Hi Team,


I’m currently playing with SVG shape customizations, I‘ve watched with attention this video from Eclipse-Papyrus channel.


I saw that we can customize a block figure using a SVG image, we can relocate the figure label inside a dedicated area of the SVG and finally manage connection anchors according to the SVG path.


I have two questions to go further with SVG shapes:


  1. Can we relocate the structure (or any) compartment inside the SVG image (like done for label)
  2. Can we use a custom PortLocator to adjust port positions over the SVG path.


It’s mandatory to customize diagrams using containment and bordered items.


To conclude a bonus question, is there a way to maintain the stroke width when enlarging or reducing figures.


Here an example using Activity diagram:

(port locations and stroke width)






Keep up the good work !







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