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Re: [] Luna Release Planning

Hi Christian,


You’re right for the next 1.0 being on the master branch. We did not have in mind any new developments during summer for next version of Papyrus. We are focusing on bug fixes, and did not want to merge only bug fixes from branch 0.10.X to master branch with no developments on master branch.

At the end of August, we will probably create this branch.


Does that sound good for you, or do you need to push some new developments right now on master ?









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De : [] De la part de Christian W. Damus
Envoyé : mercredi 21 août 2013 22:52
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Thanks, Sébastien.


Next question:  I don't see any 0.10.1 or 0.10.x maintenance builds in Hudson, and the 0.10.x_core branch in Git has no commits since 5 February, when the repo was in SVN.  It seems that development targeting the Papyrus 0.10.1 (Kepler SR1) release is being done on the master branch, which seems wrong.  The master should be for new development targeting Luna, no?  Otherwise, how can I start on new features for Luna M2 and M3 milestones?







On 2013-08-20, at 7:14 PM, GERARD Sebastien 166342 <Sebastien.GERARD@xxxxxx> wrote:



Nest release of Papyrus will be 1.0.


Best… Sébastien.



Sébastien Gérard

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De : [] De la part de Christian W. Damus
Envoyé : lundi 19 août 2013 23:16
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Objet : [] Luna Release Planning


Hi, Team,


I have entered some plan items into Bugzilla for enhancements to the CDO integration in Papyrus that I intend to contribute in the Luna release:



The PMI for Papyrus [2] does not appear to have a Luna release record, yet.  Will the next release be 0.11 or 1.0?  I see that Bugzilla does not have a 0.11 release, but it has a 1.0 release, although it also has several that don't make sense for Papyrus (e.g., 2.4, 3.1), so I'm not sure that this means anything.










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