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[] Kepler RC4 is almost ready

Hi all,



I’d like to remind you that Kepler RC4 will be built on Wednesday (12th of June). This is the final Kepler build (i.e. the actual release). If you still have something to commit, please do it quickly (Today), so that we can have two full days to test the last-minute changes. Documentation plug-ins can still be contributed until tomorrow evening (It is more or less trivial to integrate, but I’d prefer to avoid adding plug-ins on Wednesday…)


For extra-components, we have a few more days to finish everything, so don’t worry if some components are not yet properly integrated (i.e. not available at all, or cannot be properly installed).


The following extra components are or will be available soon:


-          CDO integration: Available

-          East-ADL: Available

-          New nattable-based Table framework: Available

o   You need to add manually this update site:

-          EMF Compare integration: Not available yet

-          UML-RT: Not available yet

-          Java code generation: Not available yet






Camille Letavernier

+33 (0)1 69 08 00 59 - camille.letavernier@xxxxxx

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