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[] Parameterized class as an operation parameter

I'm new to this mailing list and am currently working on a UML class diagram to model a typical business application (sort of a customer relationship management system).

Thus I need to define a template's operation with a parameter, whose type is a parameterized interface (List<E>, where E is the templates parameter). To clarify my class structure:

class List<class T>

interface JpaRepository<class E>
    List<E> findAll()
    void delete(E element)

I know how to define the delete function in this case, I can apply E as a parameter. But I don't know how to define the findAll() operation, as I have not yet found a way to use parameterized classes as operation parameter types in Papyrus. I have heard, that UML provides parameterized classes, but is it possible to use them with Papyrus? I do not want to create a new template bound class for each usage of List<T>!

Martin Puffe

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