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[] Archival of cdo_kepler branch projects

Hi, Team,

Since the latest stable revision of the cdo_kepler branch has been merged to trunk, I archived the main-line projects that were branched under the cdo_kepler branch.  This should simplify future merges by drastically reducing the number of affected projects.

So, now the various infrastructure, UML, SysML, and views projects that were under the cdo_kepler branch are now in the branches/cdo_kepler/old/r10476 folder (r10476 is the last revision of those projects, that was merged to trunk).

I am continuing on the branch with development of the last major feature in the CDO integration plan, which is Properties View customization models (bug 402961).  So, some main-line projects (particularly some of the org.eclipse.papyrus.*.properties.* plug-ins) will be branched under cdo_kepler.  And possibly some that were branched before will have to be branched again.  I'll follow up on this list when that happens.

The CDO-specified projects (org.eclipse.papyrus.cdo.*) are unaffected by this reorganization.



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