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[] Problem with loading custom Properties View context models

Hi, Team,

Looking at the latest trunk (r10497-ish), I'm confused about how custom Properties View context models are supposed to be loaded.

I see that the hidden project that the properties view Customization Dialog creates is stored in the workspace metadata directory of the plug-in.

However, the ConfigurationManager class in the plug-in tries to load the user-defined custom contexts from that plug-in's workspace metadata folder.  That obviously won't find the models stored in the other plug-in's metadata.

Am I missing something?  Is something else supposed to inject the custom contexts from the customization plug-in into the ConfigurationManager?  It's quite possible that I'm missing a plug-in or working on the wrong version of it.

Or is this just something that broken in a refactoring when the Properties View plug-in was split up?  In any case, I can copy a context and edit it, and see it take effect in the Properties View, but after re-starting the workbench, my custom contexts are all gone.

I could fix this (for bug 402961) by having the ConfigurationManager load custom contexts from the customization plug-in's metadata directory, but that seems like the wrong direction for that dependency.



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