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Re: [] If you have update your source this morning ...

Hi Jérome,

sorry for that. I wasn't aware this functionnality needs a preference set to true to work.

This is a preference I haven't report yet on the diagram preference page. So the user is not able to set this preference, and moreover this preference is not initialized (even if it exists). So by default, it is set to "false".

I have made a quickfix for the packaging that initializes this preference to "true". I will modify later the generators to re-enable "global" preferences on the diagram.

This fix is available on the svn :)
I have tested it a bit, it works fine for me.



Jerome BENOIS a écrit :
Hi Thibault,

	Yesterday evening i worked on reenable a basic GMF feature like
"modelAssistantProvider" (a popup containing some tool of palette). This morning it works fine. But, after i updated source code after your
commit, it's seems it doesn't work now.

	I plunged in the GMF code, the problem is that the method
DiagramAssistantEditPolicy.isPreferenceOn() read "Global.showPopupBars"
in preferenceStore. It seems the value is "false", can we study this
problem together ? Have you an idea about why the Global.showPopupBars
is initialize to false ?

You can join me here : 09 51 66 50 44

Obeo, Model Driven Company
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