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[] sash windows

  Hi all,

  I have reconnected the sash windows, and do the merge with the new di refactoring.
 It work for me. I have do a fully clean install, and nearly everything compile ok without any additional tasks to perform.
Some small problems remain, but you can still use PII:
  • some errors still in def or codegen
  • oep.outline is missing some library. Maybe the patch proposed by Jacques could save that
  • oep.outline contains subfolders trunk, release, ... I think we should better have not such dirs per project, but per workspace.
  • oep.diagram.emftree has one extra dir level. It should be removed
  • should be renamed asap.
  • All bin directories should be excluded from CVS :-)
I have also detect some bugs:
  • The properties are not showned when we select the background of a diagram. This forbid to rename a diagram.
  • The CPU usage raise to 100% when  you  have a visible class in a classdiagram.  It fails as soon as  the class is hidden, for example when you move the scrollbars to hide the class.
  • Some actions on sash are not implemented or fails. I will correct that.

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