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Re: [] Notes of the preccomitting meeting


I have named the plugin like they were denominated in the GMF and UMLTools project (for the same functionnality). I have kept this naming to avoid confusion for developers familiar with GMF and UMLTools.

Due to the architecture of the GMF generator, it will be difficult in my opinion to divide the plugins for the code generation. You have a plugin which run the generation (oep.codegen) and a plugin containing all the dynamic-templates used by the generation and the configurators (.gmfgen, .gmfgraph etc...).

I have removed the dependency org.openarchitectureware.dependencies which was not necessary (used by the openarchitectureware UML2 adapter,it surely came with the creation of the project).

It should be fine now(it is normal that templates have errors, but it works fine ;) ).



Cedric Dumoulin a écrit :


I think that the plugin names are not appropriate. 'def' doesn't denote the content of the plugin. It looks like this is needed for the code generation. Maybe we should have a namespace for all plugins related to code generation. Here is a proposal:

    * oep.codegen
    * oep.codegen.preferences
    * oep.codegen.preferences.def
    * ...

  Futhermore, your plugins have errors:
Bundle 'org.openarchitectureware.dependencies' cannot be resolved MANIFEST.MF org.eclipse.papyrus.def/META-INF line 6 Plug-in Problem
  Can you correct it asap ?

Thibault LANDRE wrote:

thanks for the feedback Patrick.

A few comments on my latest development, on this notes and on the actual svn :

My latest development :
For the preference, I have created the template to generate the code.
I have overriden some of the template of GMF and create new ones for my specific classes.

To launch this generation, you will need the "org.eclipse.papyrus.codegen" that contains the "Papyrus Generation Action". This plugin allows you to generate the preference with the rest of the GMF code.

The templates, and the models, are contained in the "org.eclipse.papyrus.def"

To work, all the models should be include in this plugin.
You also need to make the generation in a runtime environment (or to include the org.eclipse.papyrus.codegen into your eclipse configuration)
to have available the action "Generate Papyrus Diagram".

Notes :
- the preferences are not indicated on the slide (but present on the core feature in the svn). - the org.eclipse.papyrus.tabbedproperties.appearance is also not present. This plugin is necessary to have the "Appearance" tab on the properties view. Nevertheless, it seems that the gradient functionnality disabled the changing of background and foreground color (bug ?).
So I think, it should be ok to include this tab later.
- For the licence, it should be available in a "about.html" file at the root of the plugin.
See :

- I have update the source of org.eclipse.papyrus.wizards to be compliant with Java 1.5 (Rémi had already done it for and .classpath files). - I think it should be good to have a psf per feature, to easily set up a development environment (org.eclipse.papyrus.releng). Those psf should always be synchronized with the feature.
- When I check out the core feature, the following plugins are missing :
In my opinion, the core feature should be the main feature of Papyrus and shouldn't depend on the UML feature. So the org.eclipse.umlutils and org.eclipse.papyrus.diagram.common should be included in the core feature instead.

I'll try to implement the preference for the ClassDiagram and also fix the initialization of the preference by the end of the week.



TESSIER Patrick 202707 a écrit :
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