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[] Papyrus Demo at EclipseWorld



Patrick asked that I report back to you on the outcome of last week’s MDT project demo (of which Papyrus was a part).


Unfortunately, the project demos were held during the Eclipse Foundation Party and my demo was in the last slot, so not many people had a chance to learn about MDT and Papyrus. This was probably not such a bad thing, though, because when I did try to show Papyrus,  I kept running into out-of-memory errors (even though I had allocated 512M for the runtime workbench). So, the bad news is that the demo didn’t go so well.


The good news is that feedback on the purpose of Papyrus was very positive. I told the story about things all came about at the EclipseCon BoF earlier this year, and everyone that stopped by showed interest in, and enthusiasm for, what we’re trying to do in Papyrus. To be successful going forward, I think it’s important that we provide a clear roadmap for the project and make it more obvious how what we’re doing in Papyrus is different from what UML2 Tools (and GMF, for that matter) gives you out of the box.


I’d like to thank Patrick and Cedric for their help in preparing for the demo. Note that I’ll be doing a presentation on what’s new in MDT at Eclipse Summit Europe (November 19-20), and I hope to feature Papyrus prominently. So we should do what we can over the next couple of weeks to put together a compelling demo of what Papyrus has to offer.




Kenn Hussey
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