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[] remove *.scribe deps and propose a list of plugins

Hi All,

	I just commited my work about dependencies management. Indeed, I
refactored some piece of code to remove all *.scribe dependencies. I
created the followings feature and an update-site :

* org.eclipse.papyrus.core.feature : Eclipse Papyrus Core
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.core
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.core.adaptor.emf
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.core.adaptor.gmf
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.sasheditor
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.di2
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.di2.edit
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.di2.editor
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.tabbedproperties.core
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.extensionpoints.editors
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.wizards

* org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.common.feature : Eclipse Papyrus UML Common
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.diagram.common
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.diagram.clazz
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.tabbedproperties.uml
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.outline.emftree
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.parsers
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.umlutils
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.ui.toolbox
 - org.antlr

* org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.diagram.clazz.feature : Eclipse Papyrus UML
Class Diagram
 - org.eclipse.papyrus.diagram.clazz

* org.eclipse.papyrus.updatesite : Eclipse Papyrus Update-Site

You can found a "Team Project Set" in attachment.

I also added a new generic "Model Creation Wizard" with two steps : The
first to select the new .di2 file, and the second propose to select the
first diagram kind to create. This step use the "PapyrusDiagram"
extension to populate dynamically the list of Diagram kind.

So, I think that we can use this list of plugins to prepare the a first
commit for IPZilla. What do you think about it? (we can study this list
in the next meeting.)

Obeo, Model Driven Company
"Code is a model, Show me the model!"

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