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[] Papyrus : Activity and sequence diagram progress.


  I've just committed the changes for the activity and sequence diagram editors.

  - These editors have been moved to the 'org.eclipse.papyrus' namespace.
  - The parsers in the '' plugin have been moved
    to the 'org.eclipse.papyrus.diagram.common' plugin.

  With these changes the following projects are no longer needed as far as the activity
  and sequence diagrams are concerned:
  · ''
  · ''
  · ''
  If nobody else uses these projects they can be safely removed from the repository.

  With these changes both the activity and sequence diagram editors work with the current
  backbone, although there are some issues I cannot solve:
   - the 'undo' action is not available
   - the assistent popup to create new elements does not appear.

  Please, take a look to these editors. They work for me with the latest repository.


Francisco Javier Cano Muñoz
Programador senior


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