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[] Probable move to Java 7 classes for Eclipse OCL in Mars


Some of the Eclipse platform plugins moved to Java 7 classes for Mars M6 and this is causing problems continuing to provide Java 5 (Classic Eclipse OCL) or Java 6 (Pivot Eclipse OCL) plugins. See [1].

The simple solution is to just shift all Eclipse OCL plugins to Java 7 classes.

An alternative is to omit the 'tampered' *.pack.gz files for Mars, and re-introduce them after Mars when the Eclipse OCL build may move to Tycho from Buckminster.

Does anyone have a use case for not moving to Java 7 and so removing all support for Java 5 and Java 6?

(And while I'm asking, does anyone have a problem moving to Java 8 for Mars+1?)


        Ed Willink


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