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[] Multiple Mars 6.0.0M6 versions


(For the record).

The SimRel aggregator is having increasing difficulties mixing Java 6 and Java 7 contributions [1].

The OCL M6 build (S201503231726) failed to unpack and so could not be used.

A couple of attempts later [2], S201503240634 was produced omitting the pack.gz files. This is the SimRel contribution.

Since there is no difference other than pack files, I am not going to run and contribute yet another S-build that is labeled M6 on the download page.

Therefore S201503231726 is OCL M6 and is tagged as such in GIT.

S201503240634 is the SimRel contribution without pack files (commit 599978809c241950c9357f5d762984124e8521c1).


        Ed Willink



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