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[] Gerrit usage

Hi Ed,

We need to clarify as soon as possible the Gerrit usage.

After today's experimentation I find the Eclipse Gerrit-related tooling very useful. The only beating feature which is missing is traceability between mylyn tasks (bugs) editors and review editors so that you can navigate from a bug and the corresponding review by just writing for example the change-id in a bug comment (I guess that this will appear at some point)

I'm inclined to start to using it, but we don't have a clear procedure about HOW to use it (branching, pushing, etc). This needs investigation as well, perhaps, by getting properly informed about other project best practices (I could start with links I remember that Laurent sent in our previous discussion).

On the other hand, I'm also happy if you prefer to skip Gerrit workflow, although its' a little bit inconvenient since the default commit-push activity leads to the Gerrit workflow. Actually, I've noticed that there are some pending code reviews from your commit-push activities. If this were your decision I'd also investigate how to configure EGit to directly push to the repository by default, if possible.

As a side note, I've also noticed a contribution done by Obeo via a pending code review:


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