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[] Mylyn-Gerrit integration

Hi Ed,

Today I've done a new commit which went for the Gerrit workflow. Now, I've tried to experiment around the Mylyn-gerrit connector, to see how the Eclipse Gerrit review editor looks like, to have these tasks in our mylyn tasks list, etc.

Firstly, I was not able to connect to the Eclipse Gerrit server when creating a new Mylyn Tasks Repository. Authentication problems.

Searching in google, I got a bugzilla[1] which could be cause. This bugzilla was fixed 2 days ago !!. After updating the Mylyn-Gerrit connector using their weekly repo[2] now I'm able to connect to the repository and create a queries to see my submitted changes and to list my watched changes.

The review editor is nice. With double clicks, the files are opened in a compare editor, which we are used to it. It looks very promising. I've attached a screen shot so you can have an idea of what we have.

The only thing I think I need to do, is configuring gerrit to watch changes revision submissions to the my Eclipse related projects. So my tasks list gets udpated everytime any commiter sends a new code review.

I'll try to create some documentation around in the wiki.



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