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Re: [] 4.0.1 RC2 candidates

Hi Adolfo

2) [337320] Fix code gen of ternary operations

Trivial: adds two missing imports that cause OCL code gen failures if a two argument operation is used.
Not found.
The GIT commit history shows me the two extra imports.
4 [unrelated] Prioritize completion proposals

Localized: completion proposals are sorted by property then operation then type etc which makes them much much more
useful when there are a few hundred.

Is it necessary to retain the "System.out.println(...)" ?

Apart from that, +1.

Definitely unwanted. Further commit available on maintenance/rc2candidates branch.

On the other hand I don't know that you mean with "fix the promotions". Could you clarify what needs to be fixed ?.

I'm less confused now that I'm looking at the right branch in the simrel history.

I think covers the problem.



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